Second CIPRNet Young CRITIS Award (CYCA)

To promote and support young researchers operating in the CIP framework, CIPRNet has established a grant for the best young researchers' papers in Critical Infrastructure Protection. The award will be granted during the annual CRITIS conferences in 2014, 2015 and 2016. 

At CRITIS 2014 in Limassol, Cyprus, the first CYCA has been bestowed (brief report).

The second CYCA will be bestowed at CRITIS 2015. 

CYCA application, terms and conditions

Who should apply?

Every young engineer / scientist interested in CRITIS and in CRITIS community and is less than 32 year old by May 1st, 2015 is invited to apply. We explicitly invite junior experts and researchers form universities, research organisations and industry to apply.

In general, a mature piece of work is expected such as a PhD thesis in final or near final status, as well as outstanding works from young industry or research organisations researchers.

General information

Junior experts less than 32 years old may apply for the CIPRNet Young CRITIS Award CYCA. Three CYCA applicants per year will be selected for presenting their work at CRITIS conference (in 2015 in Berlin) in the CYCA award session.

The ranking of up to three winners (depending on the number of applications and the paper quality) will be done at the conference itself, and the awards will be presented to the winners at a closing ceremony.

Limited travel funding opportunities are possible under conditions (please contact the organiser for details and conditions).

Application and evaluation process

  • Submit your contribution via EasyChair.
  • Inform B.M. Hämmerli that your contribution is an application for CYCA.
  • The evaluation procedure is as follows:
    1. Three experts will review your contribution, applying the same evaluation criteria as fort he other CRITIS submissions.
    2. The up to five best accepted contributions of CYCA applicants are forwarded to the CYCA evaluation committee for further selection.
    3. The CYCA evaluation committee selects up to three finalists for the CYCA award session. 
    4. The up to three finalists present their contributions during the CYCA award session. The up to two not selected applicants present their contributions during the regular programme in other sessions.
    5. The final ranking oft he finalists takes place after their presentations.
            • The awards will be bestowed during a closing ceremony.
            • Note: If you get a positive evaluation, but you are not selected for CYCA award, your paper will be presented at the conference in the regular slots as all other papers. Therefore, you can only win by applying for CYCA.
            • The total available award money is 2000 Euro.

            Evaluation Committee

            The Evaluation Committee consists of the Award Committee and Experts from the CRITIS Steering Committee according to the needs and the number of submitted papers. 


            • Bernhard Hämmerli, University of Applied Sciences Lucerne and
            • Javier Lopez, University of Malaga


            • José Marti, University of British Columbia
            • Mohamed Eid, French Commissariat of Atomic Energy & Alternative Energies
            • Elias Kyriakides, University of Cyprus
            • Roberto Setola, University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome

            How to apply?

            CYCA papers are normally submitted as other papers through the Easychair conference system of CRITIS.

            Additionally, the -> CIPRNet Young CRITIS Award questionnaire should be submitted. This questionnaire has the following purpose: 

            • To make available the CV and contact details.
            • To precise, if several authors are contributing in the paper, which part the candidate is responsible for, and which type of support the candidate obtained during the research.
            • To provide recommendation(s) of supervisor(s) / professor(s).
            • To provide a statement of honesty: You declare that all citations are cited correctly (anti plagiarism)

            The questionnaire and the CV must be sent to the moderator of CYCA:

            Prof. Dr. Bernhard M. Hämmerli

            e-mail: bmhaemmerli *at* usually your delivery is preferred with cc to: Bernhard *dot* Haemmerli *at* 

            post mail: Bodenhofstrasse 29, CH-6005 Lucerne, Switzerland

            If you do not get a acknowledgement of receipt, please try to resend or call on +41 79 541 7787 in order to exclude transfer problems.